After Snorkeling

After about an hour we went back to the sand to dry out. Then we moved over to the swimming pool and even took a short spell in the hot tub.

Before dinner, we drove over to a nearby historic site where we thought ancient petroglyphs were located. Fortunately, we bumped into a couple from Georgia who had been snorkeling over there. They told us that the petroglyphs were actually closer to the resort. We had been driving right by the entrance to the site every day!

We ate dinner at Brown's again. We were ushered to the same table as before, and we watched another beautiful sunset. This time, though, the music was provided by a male/female duo. Interestingly, the same lady we had seen previously was doing the hula dances.

While we were eating, we also witnessed wedding party as they came from a spot nearby where the ceremony had been performed. They joined everyone at Brown's for dinner. The bride wore a beautiful white dress with a short train. The groom and groomsmen were dressed casually in Hawaiian shirts and leis. Everyone clapped in congratulations to them.

After dinner we went back to the room and begin trying to figure out how to pack everything into our bags for the trip home.

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