Helicoptor Tour of the Coast

We got up a little later again. I went to the resort's fitness center and worked out while Janie did her morning thing. We decided to eat breakfast at the resort. It was after 9:00 a.m., so we called it brunch. They had a large buffet. It was expensive at $24 each, but very good. We both thought the coconut syrup for the pancakes was amazing, and I had to get seconds despite the fact that I had already had an omelet, potatoes, bacon, sausage, and tons of fruit. (The pineapple was my favorite.) We then lay around waiting to take the helicopter tour we had planned.

We arrived at the Waikoloa Heliport for Blue Hawaiian Helicopters and checked in. After a safety briefing, we were loaded one by one onto an Eco-Star helicopter which seats 6 passengers in addition to the pilot. It was comfortable and not cramped. The craft had been modified for touring, so there was glass in the forward part of the ceiling, too.

This is Toshi, our pilot.


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