Hilo Hattie's & Uncle Billy's

By now it was raining hard, but we marveled at how it did not rain on us while we visited the lava flow. The Lord is good. We headed back to Hilo and decided to shop and grab a bite to eat.

We stopped at Hilo Hattie, a Hawaiian store adjacent to a modern shopping mall. I got three Hawaiian shirts, and Janie found a dress and a skirt/blouse. We also got some leis for the boys (and for ourselves in case we ever go to a Hawaiian party).

By now it was getting to be supper time, and we were hungry. We weren't sure where to eat, but Janie had seen an ad for a place called Uncle Billy's . They advertised dinner and a hula show. From the outside we were concerned it might be cheesy, and we compared it to The Big Texan. There were Uncle Billy's Motel, Uncle Billy's General Store, and Uncle Billy's Restaurant. But we decided to give it a try anyway. After all, we were tourists.

We were not disappointed. Janie ordered Lemon Mac Nut Chicken which was very good. I ordered a beef teriyaki dish. We both ordered the house salad dressing which was Oriental Sesame Seed. We were happily surprised at how good that was. The portions were huge, but that didn't stop us from also getting a colossal Volcano Chocolate Sunday. (We had not had any lunch.)

During dinner the hula show started. The entertainment was provided by a Hawaiian family. The father played bass, the mother played rhythm guitar (acoustic, left-handed), and the 18 year old son played the bass ukulele. They all sang, but the mother and son sang lead. The son had an incredible voice and an even more amazing falsetto. (We later learned from the grandmother that he had won a falsetto contest.)

The daughters performed hula dances. One was probably about 10, and she was very cute. The other daughter looked about 15, and she was very good. A younger brother also joined in, doing the male part to some hula dances, and even the grandmother did a dance. Two other dancers performed, too. It was great fun, very family-oriented, and relaxed.

We watched for 1.5 hours and finally had to tear ourselves away to head back to our hotel.

We had initially planned to walk along the beach when we got back, but the drive took a little longer than expected due to heavier traffic in the dark, rain, and one wrong turn which took us 4 miles down the wrong highway before we realized it. When we arrived back at the hotel, we were bushed and decided to call it a night.


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