Family Histories

The Eslers in North America appear to have origininated from Mecklembourg, north of Berlin. In the 1200's they migrated to Scotland. In the 1600's three brothers were given land in Antrim which gave rise to the Northern Irish Eslers who later migrated to Canada and the English colonies.

Our particular Esler clan came to the United States from Canada shortly before the American Civil War. We know that John Esler and his parents were born in Canada. We do not know whether his parents came to the US or whether John came alone. Check out the links and see if you know something I don't.

The Esler, Wilson, Ratliff, and Taylor families eventually merged in Dension, located in Grayson County on Texas' northern border with Oklahoma. They were among the first to migrate to Dension with the railroad in its infancy in the late 1800's. Family members remained in the city until the mid-1960's.

As already noted, the Eslers came from Ireland or Scotland by way of Canada. The Wilsons came from England by way of colonial Georgia. The Ratliffs came from Tenessee by way of Mississippi. And the Taylors came from England.

Below is a table which contains links to the pertinent family histories. I have over 300 individuals catalogued in my home files so far. As time allows, I am adding photos and stories to the family pages. However, this is definitely a work-in-progress. As a one-person operation, it takes a while to scan the photos, type up the content, and create the pages. So hang in there, and keep checking back.

The first two columns contain the families from Denison, namely the Eslers from Canada, the Taylors from England, the Ratliffs from Mississippi, and the Wilsons from Georgia. The second two columns contain the Alexanders from Tenessee, and the Brauers from Germany (Jerre's family). The third two columns contain the Tuckers and the Boydstons (Janie's family).

Each name in the table represents the oldest ancestor that we can trace to. Thus clicking on the name will start with the oldest generation. As you click on the active links of their children, you will move forward towards the present. (Children who are not in the direct descendant line do not have active links right now.) Clicking on the Tree link beside each in the table name will display a graphic version of the individual's descendants. (You will need Adobe Reader in order for these to display on your computer.)

Be sure to follow the embedded links within the family histories. I have included newspaper articles and old photographs that are truly fascinating. (This is part of what is taking so long to catalog and prepare for web display.)

Vance's Paternal Ancestors (Denison) Vance's Maternal Ancestors
(South Texas)
Janie's Maternal Ancestors
(North Central Texas)
John "Jack" Esler Esler Tree James Alexander Alexander Tree Thomas Boydston Boydston Tree
John Ratliff Ratliff Tree Carl Brauer Brauer Tree Oliver Tucker Tucker Tree
James Wilson Wilson Tree

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