Carl Brauer (2nd from right) with his sons on the family farm.

Carl F. H. Brauer

Carl was born in Germany and was a German sea captain.

On March 24, 1883 he married Helene Hentschel in Boerne, Kendall County, Texas. The text of their marriage license is found in the column to the right.

The 1900 US Census showed that he was farming in Williamson County, Texas. Though living in the United States, he had not become a U.S. citizen by that time.

Helene (seated) with Carl (standing to her left) and others standing at a Brauer Family Reunion in 1918.

Helene M. E. Hentschel

Helene was born in Texas to German immigrant parents. She is listed in th 1900 US Census living with Carl.

The text on the marriage license is as follows:


Carl F.H. Brauer and Helene M.E. Hentschel } N. 177

The State of Texas, County of Kendall. To all who shall see these presents:

Know ye that any person legally authorized to celebrate the rites of Matrimony is hereby licensed to join in marriage as husband and wife, Carl F.H. Brauer and Helene M.E. Hentschel and for so doing this shall be his sufficient authority. Given under my hand and seal of the office at Boerne, this 23rd day of April 1883.

H. Theis
Clk Co Court, Kendall Co.

This certifies that I have joined in marriage as husband and wife, Carl F.H. Brauer and Helene M.E. Hentschel on the 24th day of March 1883.

Jos B Hadden
Prect No 4, Kendall Co, Texas

Returned May 14, 1883 and recorded same day:

H. Theis
Clk Co Court, Kendall Co.

The State of Texas
County of Kendall }

I the undersigned John Reinhard, County Clerk in and for Kendall County, Texas, do hereby certify that the foregoing is a true and correct copy fro the Marriage License Records of Kendall County, Texas, as of record in Vol 1 on page 249. Witness my hand and official seal at Boerne, Texas, this 19th day of April 1904.

O.W. [initials?] Reinhard
Clerk, County Court,
Kendall Co. Texas

Family / Generation
  • Brauer / 1
  • Hentschel / 2


Their Children
  1. Emil Brauer
  2. Henry Brauer
  3. Pat Brauer
  4. Elsie Margaret Brauer
  5. Walter Brauer
  6. Leo Brauer

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