John Phillips Alexander
1882 - 1968

John P. Alexander was born on September 25, 1882 in Humphreys County, Tennessee.

He was first married to Zanie Chappell about 1905 in Humphrey's County, Tennessee. He had two children by her, Stella and Pearl. They divorced, and he moved to Texas where he met Elsie Brauer.

John worked for the Missouri-Pacific Railroad as a line foreman. This work was very hard, and the pay was not great. Somewhere along the way, just for fun, he legally changed his middle name from "Phillips" to "Pierpont" because it sounded like a rich person's name. His first son by Elsie took that name and became a "junior."

John spent most of his life in San Benito, Texas. He died there on July 19, 1968 at the age of 85.
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Elsie Margaret Brauer
1892 - 1983

Elsie was born to German immigrants, Carl and Helene Brauer on January 9, 1892 in Muldoon, Fayette County, Texas.

"Minnum", as she was affectionately known, was famous for her sweet disposition, alcohol back rubs (to cool one off in the hot Rio Grande Valley summers), and for "toodle-y-dooing" grandchildren on her knee.

In her later years she suffered from cerebrovascular disease with a number of strokes. She eventually died of one on March 31, 1983 in San Benito, Texas. She was 91.
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Family / Generation
  • Alexander / 9
  • Brauer / 2


Their Children
  1. John Pierpont Alexander, Jr.
  2. Maxine Alexander
  3. Robert Lee Alexander
  4. Herman Frederick Alexander
  5. Elsie Margaret ("Peggy") Alexander
  6. Geraldine Alexander
  7. Walter Pat Alexander
  8. Betty Lou Alexander

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